European Bus Simulator 2012 64-Bit 1.3.2

A cool application that gives users the experience of riding on public transit in Europe

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    Racing games

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    64-Bit 1.3.2

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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    7.0 (616)

Drive a bus around a European town.

European Bus Simulator 2012 is a video game that puts you at the controls of a city bus in a fictional European town. Unlike many other video games that have more of an "arcade" style, European Bus Simulator 2012 is a complete simulator, which makes it a lot more realistic. You'll get to control everything in your bus, right down to the lights and air conditioning.

A Challenging Game for Bus Enthusiasts

If you've ever wanted to drive a city bus, this game is for you. The game starts at the bus depot, where you get to choose which bus to drive. If this is your fist time playing, it's highly recommended that you take the tutorial first, as it explains all of the controls and objectives of the game.

In European Bus Simulator 2012, you'll get to drive the bus and pick up and drop off passengers along predefined routes. The environment in the game is rather expansive, as you'll have more than 450 different stops located throughout different areas of the city. There are also custom missions available, with tasks like picking up children and driving them to school.

The route editor is an interesting feature. It lets you create your own bus routes and set the stops where you want them to. This can be fun if you're looking for an additional challenge or don't like the default missions.

Realistic Bus Simulation With Decent Graphics

As the game is a simulator, you won't do much racing like with other driving games. Instead, you'll have to follow traffic laws, arrive to stops on time, sell tickets to passengers as they board and observe limits on maximum driving times. This makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to known how being a bus driver is actually like.

However, this can also make the game a bit boring for some players. European Bus Simulator 2012 doesn't have the fun and humorous elements that some other simulators include. This is why some fans of more casual driving games may not enjoy its more "serious" feel too much.

Despite being released more than six years ago, the game has decent graphics and the environment is very immersive. However, some players have reported seeing a few visual glitches, such as cars that seem to fade in and out of view or pedestrians making strange moves.


  • Realistic simulation and controls
  • Many challenging missions and tasks in the game
  • Good graphics for an older game
  • Route editor lets you customize the game for added fun and challenges


  • Game may feel a bit too complex and dry for more casual players
  • Visual glitches may appear at some locations during the game

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